FRC-DB is a database of events, teams, and robots that can be used as both a scouting and historical reference.

Beta warning!

We've just wrapped up a port to a new host and there's still bound to be some occasional issues. Please bear with us while we get things sorted, and sorry for the inconvenience!

Features currently disabled or broken:

  • Media uploads


We know about 3097 teams, 92 events, and 270 event-years.

Event Timeline

Other Info

Get started by searching for a team or viewing event list via the appropriate links on the left menu. Event and team data is linked together to allow for easy browsing data. Clicking on table headers with arrows should sort the data in the given column to help identify teams and events that stick out.

Other Odds and Ends

To learn more about FRC-DB, click on the 'Dev Site' link to view the wiki and trackers, where you can submit bug reports and feature requests in addition to browsing technical info about the database.

Hope you enjoy this resource!
-FRC Team #1977


  • March 2nd, 2013: 2013 data is now up and running. The usual game-day data updates should now be regular, and more is coming soon.
  • January 8th, 2012: We've back! The host switch is wrapping up and we're live again. Existing data will be imported over the next few days, and 2013 data will be coming soon.